Straighten UVs

hey guys,

is there a way to individually straighten selected uv “edges”
right now i have to select one uv edge > straighten > select the next uv edge > straighten
if i select multiple uv edges and try to straighten them they all get collapsed at one position.
can i tell blender to straighten them along their own individual center to get a result like in the image?

cheers christian

select, press S (scale), then X/Y (select witch axses you wish to scale) then press 0.

but this flattens all edges to one, no?
i’d like to straighten them individually.

what do you mean by individually? you want to straighten a single vertex? if so that does not makes sence. if you want a selected number of verteses to be stright then follow my steps.
if you press X or Y when scaling you wont collaps them.

if you select multiple edges and scale them to 0 they will all lay over eachother.
i’d like them to be straightened in their own area ^^

like this?

yes, but with parallel edge loops :slight_smile:
sorry if my explanation was not clear.

like this?

if so, for the 3rd time, follow my steps.

S to scale, X/Y for axses, 0 to flatten it…

i already tried it the first time but it collapses all edgeloops to one line

I would like to know if there is a faster way to do that too.
Doing that 1 edge loop per time is quite time consuming.

And selecting multiple edge loops and scaling it to 0 on one axis will collapse them by the way, as actimevanille said.

hit w in the uv window and on the pop up, you have align x/y or straighten x/y saves a click or so but you still have to do one line at a time.
sometimes (depends on mesh etc) you can align two outside edges then pin and unwrap again, getting a perfick uv map can take quite a while

This would solve your problem I think.

thanks for the link jachtarfranko!
luckily 3d coat has this function built in so i will use that instead.

i really could use some uv tools 3ds max or uvlayout has inside of blender.
like selecting an edge and rotating the uv island until the selected edge is perfectly straight.