Straightforward UV texturing and mapping.

Hello all. I’m having difficulty fishing through all the topics on texturing and uv mapping in Blender 2.53a so I was wondering…

Does anyone know of a straightforward tutorial? One that starts you off with a character mesh or something and tells you, step by step, what you need to do?

While I’m at it…my model is composed of seperate meshes. The head mesh and the feet mesh are completely white when I switch to textured mode, while the rest of the model (body, arms and hands) is grey. I seem to have accidentally applied a material or something at some point…but I dont remember doing this. Any help with that would be greatly appreciated as well.

Plenty of very useful tutorials here

Thanks for that. I’m still having a problem with certain meshes having no shading on them whatsoever. Should I make a new topic?