Straigthen edge loop by sliding vertices - Is there an easier way?


Often my edge loops get a bit wonky during modeling. If surrounding edge loops have a nice flow, I can use them to straigthen the middle loop, but it takes a few steps.

Currently, I’m doing the following. Do you guys no a simpler way?

Note: screencast does not show keys pressed while edge sliding. So I press E while sliding to make te loop even, then press F to conform to the top loop. Then I do a second slide, which will effectively blend between the neigbouring loops.

It’s basically a Looptoops/flatten or a Relax, but with sliding the vertices along the edges, so that the shape of your model does not change. I’ve also tried Mira/GCurve, which is a great tool, but does not follow the surface of your model.

The new slide relax brush does seem to work to some extend. However, when brushing in one direction, the vertices also slide sideways. This also results in loosing the shape of your mesh.


that’s what I would do (slide and E), or the LoopTools > Relax if gives a good result, or delete the edge and create a new one, not sure there’s any other solution

Have you tried the edge flow addon?
thread / download
note: master branch is best usable version at time of posting, may become unstable or superseded by new release versions


wow nice tool!

Brilliant! This works great.


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