Strait Jacket

I would like to ask what you think of the cartoon Strait Jacket.ストレイトジャケットin Japanese,
It is based on a manga of the same name, I do not know if this manga is published in France or in the States
But for those who do not know this animation let’s have a presentation:

We are at the beginning of the century somewhere in northern Europe,
An experiment combining physics and witchcraft was successful in capturing and storing energy coming from magic . This boundless energy is widely used in industries, food processing, construction, pharmaceuticals, medicine …
There was only a small drawback, this energy used too widely causes a mutation, it must be prevented by concentration and contained by a kind of armor, The “Strait Jacket” also called Mold (モールド). Once this transformation has taken place, the person is considered legally dead. It turns into a lethal monster, a Mazoku (魔族).
There is an Authority to manage this energy,
Mahokanrikyoku (魔法管理局), and an intervention group responsible for the elimination of Mazoku, the Tactical sosa list …
Here for the general context …

This cartoon is more adult-oriented …

I love the character … Kapelteta
And the use of magic as a dangerous energy is interesting.
Your Opinion?

official site in Japanese

Attention youtube video -18 years abstain

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I found an other site in english…

For those in Tokyo…

28 of June
In Tokyo, Roppongi, In the theater “Cinemart Roppongi”, 18h25.
Projection of the movie Strait Jacket

Le site du cinéma
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