Strandbeest simulation

Hi guys,

I’m trying to simulate the walkcycle of Strandbeests in Blender
Here you can see how it works and this is what I’ve got this far…

The problem is that 2 of the bones in the armature don’t do what they’re supposed to do :frowning:
I’d really appreciate it if someone could take a look and give me a hint on how to fix it.

I’m not on a computer with blender at the moment but WOW these creations look amazing!:eek:

Ok, I’ve managed to get one leg working and I’ve duplicated and mirrored it. Now I need to join the armatures (which is not easy) and make the 2 legs driven by one bone.
I hope I can get this to work soon.
current progress (same link as above, file updated on server)