Strange 3D view behaviour

Hi there,

I have a problem regarding Blender 3D view navigation. The geometry and all were okay when i use the orthogonal view (toggle numpad 5), but when i switch to perspective mode everything went wrong.

now, i don’t know if i accidentaly hit kthe wrong key or something, but when in perspective mode, the mesh is looked like it’s being normal flipped and squashed. And when i scroll my mouse wheel for zoom in, as if it go through z depth or something…

Does anybody experience something like this before ? need help. thanks

Zoom out, simple as that. It is jsut that the camera view clipping distances ect. have made parts dissapear. You see, it is a way of reducing RAM use for anything that isn’t suppossed to be visible and also keaps from having anything majorly out of perspective.

That´s not true but a close guess :wink:
The objects are still there, and occupy RAM.
They are just excluded from the 3d pipeline and are not occupying VRAM.

It has to do with OpenGL´s frustum.
You have a near plane and a far plane and a FOV. This forms a frustum - A truncated pyramid. The tip is the camera, the far plane is the bottom, and the near plane truncates it. What´s inside (between near and far plane) is projected and rasterized, what´s intersecting is clipped, what´s outside is ignored.
What you see above is clipping from the near plane of the frustum.

You have to press <n> to bring up the properties panel, there you´ll find “view” where you find Clip: Start: End:
lower the Start value until the clipping disappears when you´re in your desired zoom level.

ok, i put the start to value 0.100 (where i forgot that i change the value to 0.000 before). that should works… thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Woow! @arexma that was one technical explanation. I loved it though.