Strange Aircraft WIP

I’m adding it right away. Just wait 5 minutes, please. :wink:


Here’s my new aircraft inspired by Ho-229 - from Germany (1945 - World War II).

Hope you like it:

And if you can help me: How do I get rid of this black lines on my object? I tried CTRL + N but in this case does not work. :frowning:

Please help. :wink:

It does look like normal problems. In edit mode Ctrl-N is applied to all selected vertices, so selecting all before re-calculating normals is a common step.

Apart from that your modelling looks great. You probably want to add some thickness to the wheel covers.

LoopyShane - problem solved thanks to you. :wink: I’v got problem because I selected only area, not all of verticles and it just moved “black lines” to another place. :slight_smile: But you say I must try to select all of verticles and then press Ctrl+N and it works! Thanks again!

Also added thickness to the wheel covers as you suggested. :wink:

So here it is:

If you have some suggestions or want to comment - feel free - it will be nice to me to read and discuss about my aircraft model. :slight_smile:


Couple of stylistic things: The wheels, particularly the nose wheel, look very large relative to the size of the air intakes (and the rest of the plane, really). Also, you haven’t indicated where the cabin will be, but right now I don’t see anywhere you could put it that would have decent visibility to the sides. Interesting design, though; I’m interested to see where you take it.

I understand you. Front wheel looks relative large but this front wheel was so large in real Ho-229 (it really helped taking-off and landing that aircraft). And by the way - this is not “normal” plane so don’t expect “normal” things in it. :wink:

And about cabin placement - I could do something about it. We’ll see. :wink:

Anyway thanks for comment. :smiley:

Just did aerion and elevator controls (on this particular plane it’s two in one! :))

What do you think?:

(Sorry for low quality render :))

I have one queston: Hod do I make this aerion/elevator controls less round? I mean I want it to be sharp not roundy (I have subsurf tuned on in modificators). I used to use subdivide method but it takes too much time. :frowning:

Please Help.

Well when using subsurf, you can adjust how much is effected on the model by selecting a face/faces and hitting ctrl+E and moving your mouse around.

If you do that, I also would apply the edge splitter mod

Big thanks. :wink: I’ll try.


Whoops! Problem. I selected faces I wanted to be sharp then press Ctrl+E and this showed up:

What I must do now?

Oh, Man! Another problem:

Why is that so nasty? I want it to be smooth.

Please help me once again. :frowning:

In the edge specials menu, you should press “Mark sharp” to make the edge sharp.

As for the second problem, you seem to have some triangles, you should select them and press alt + J, should that not work then you should convert them manually to quads.

Very good work so far, the rendered model looks great!

Hi Bottom-Feeder

To adjust the subsurf level to particular faces you can also press Shift-E and move your mouse around. That way you have a little bit more control over the amount of subsurf/sharpness you want for that area.


select vert, > w> smooth

You all are very kind, thank you! :slight_smile: I’ll keep working on that. You give me very useful tips. :wink:



Ok. Thank you. :wink:

Everything is alright now, look :smiley: :

Thank you all!



Yes. You guess. :slight_smile:

Another update:

What do you think about it? Something to correct? Any suggestions, comments? :slight_smile:

I think this is my finished modelling this aircraft. :slight_smile: Now I must work on the “texture part” thing. :wink:

I don’t know too much about aircraft, but where does the pilot sit? Are you going to model the cockpit?

i think u don’t need a pilot sit

this plane looks like a little nice nerd plane dude with glass’s :slight_smile:
he got a personality

(hmm also the same with the rockets , just being honest)

and i like it allot ,its looking very good even without texture

Looking neat!Somehow it reminds me of Leonardo’s flying machine.It would be a nice steampunk plane with some modifications.About the form of the plane:a very good mix of hard and soft,round edges.
So great job so far,can’t wait to see the textures.Keep it up!