strange animation effect on terrain

Hi there,
I’ve made a simple Blender project and after looking at the finished animation, I can see this strange (and horrible looking) effect on the terrain, which looks like it’s rotating.
I’m attaching the Blender project, affected sequence starts from frame 90, after the space ship stars spinning.
If someone would be so nice to take a look at the file, try to render the animation from frame 90 towards the end, and give me some input, this would be highly appreciated.


EDIT: Sorry for double posting, I just realized that this was the wrong forum. I moved it on Support > Animation


forum.blend (217 KB)

I think it’s because the “noise” texture, It’s animated. But I’m not sure.

I have changed the texture from noise to cloud and reduced the texture to achieve the same effect, and the texture is no more moving, so it was really the animated noise.
This animated noise is useful to simulate laser light difracting on small dust particles in the air, for example, but it is rarely used on solid materials.