Strange artifact in image sequence texture

I am using an image sequence of embers as a texture, and I am getting a strange artifact when I render out my scene where the texture looks “smeared,” and has weird lines on it that are not supposed to be there. It only happens on this single frame though, and every other frame is OK.

I’ve triple checked and the lines are not there on the image that I am using in the sequence

It really doesn’t make any sense and is one of those problems that kind of goes against all logic. Any Ideas?

If you had the exact same lines in rendered image that you use as texture, first thing is to make 101% sure that you are actually using the fixed sequence, not the one with bug. Sounds very obvious, but most cases when this kind of logic-defying stuff happens, it is due to:

  • rendering new fixed sequence to new directory, but using the one from old dir;
  • rendering the fixed frame with wrong name, so that it does not fix the sequence;
  • not refreshing the textures;
  • thinking that I fixed something but actually didn’t.

I only rendered it to one location, and have checked every frame of the sequence for the bug, and it’s not there.

Actually upon further inspection that is exactly what my problem is. I had rendered an entirely different sequence with different dimensions and everything and accidentally linked to that. Now I feel dumb :stuck_out_tongue:

As it is said (by me), stupidity is the engine of experience :smiley:
Talking from my own experience ofcourse. Glad you got it sorted.