Strange Artifacts in Ortho View

Hello, I am having strange artifacts in all ortho views and camera view in the viewport with Blender 3.0+. It happens with all render engines.

Does anybody else have this? Any ideas what’s causing it?
My System:
Linux Mint 20.1
AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor × 6
NVIDIA Corporation TU116 [GeForce GTX 1660]

Looks like a clipping issue. Go into the view tab on the right hand side, and adjust your clip start/end value. Normally, you’d only see this in Perspective view, though. So I hazard a guess that you might have accidentality changed the end instead of start value at some point?

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Thank You! It was a clipping problem. However it was not that I got the start and end mixed up. What is did was set start to 0 and end to, well I just pressed the “9” key until no more could fit! That must have confused Blender. If I change start to .001 and end to like 1000 all is fine!