Strange artifacts on model texture

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

While I was working on a model for a game I’m making, I encountered a quite strange problem.

The floor of my level is a simple plane with some subdivide applied to it (so it looks like a chessboard) and every square of it has a squared texture 512x512 applied, which may be “grass”, “terrain” or “terrain to grass” and so on. This textures have the same edge colours so that they appear seamless.

So here’s how the level looks:

Everything looks fine, but as I zoom out the camera some strange artifacts start popping out:

As you can see, there are strange green lines on the terrain on the edges of the floor squares which are quite annoying and I cannot get rid of.
I even tried to paint directly on them or consolidate the different textures of the floor into one image but it didn’t help…

Maybe it has something to do with z-fighting?

The Uv mapping looks just fine, so I can’t really figure out why this is happening :frowning: