Strange artifacts on texture when zoomed out in Viewport/GE


I’m not 100% sure this is the right place to ask but it seems like it’s a texturing problem more than anything else.

I’ve been creating some fairly low resolution “cartoony” textures for a game (XNA) and have run into a problem where if the camera zooms out far enough the UV image or the texture seems to get disorted and leaves artifacts on the texture itself. At first I had no idea what was causing this but I think that either blender or the video card or something downscales the texture and UV map when the camera gets far away causing this distortion (just a guess)

As you can see in this picture the brown is just one color and nothing wrong with it while the camera is close.

However, When you zoom the camera out a fair distance you can see black artifacts appear in the same region. The black lines appear to be coming from the background of the texture, as if the UV’s have been scaled down and they aren’t quite sitting properly onto the texture anymore.

Is my theory correct or is the problem caused by something else.

I also noticed the exact same thing happens when I Import the model into XNA

Any advice on how I can keep this to a minimum/fix it would be great.


That kinda looks to me like a z-buffer issue. While looking at the zoomed-out view, if you hit ‘Z’ to go to wireframe, do you see edges at those spots? If so, It’s probably just z-fighting and my guess is that it won’t show up in a render. If it does show up in a render, I’d have to see your blend file to make a better guess.