Strange artifacts

First of all I’d like to say that I’ve only been working with Blender for a couple of weeks so forgive my ignorance if my question turns out to be a simple one. I am creating an animated logo and some how the rendered output includes what looks like a portion of a frame counter. If you look closely at the attached image you can see it where the horizontal curve on the right passes through the upright of the cross. In a single rendered frame it’s not too distracting, however if you play back the animation it is very obvious. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of it?


Everything you have rendered is set on top of each other. Thus, Blender has no idea which mesh should be in front of the other one, and that is why it makes those weird artifacts, because they both want to be in front of each other! Just move the cross toward the camera a bit, and those pesky black lines will disappear!

Hope it helps!

Thanks for the quick reply.
If that is the case, I’ll need to recreate my model. It was originally done with a series of bezier curves which I joined together into a single object. The part that I’m having a problem with is, as you can see, the only place where the original objects overlapped. I’ll redo it making the horizontal line and the cross from a single curve and see if that resolves the issue.
Thanks again for the help.

You’re very welcome!

Just to follow up, I recreated my model in the manner which I previously stated and my problem has been resolved.
Thanks again.