Strange behaviour with numerical keys

Until now I have just been hanging around the forum, enjoying the community. But just today I decided to get really in-deep with Blender so I started working my way through the manual (which is great by the way). I’m trying out all the interface goodies and keyboard shortcuts and I’ve ran into something strange:

The manual states that the numerical keys on the keyboard (not on the numpad) should toggle the layers, but in my case they do the same as the numpad keys (i.e. switching views, pan, rotate, etc.). Does anyone have this same behaviour and how do I correct it.

NOTE: this is a full-scale keyboard that is hooked to my laptop. I did this especially to be able to use all blenders shortcuts.

OK… Newbie-alert :-?

Found the setting to emulate the numpad for laptops being switched on. I thought of it right after posting my question.