strange behaviour with (shape) action actuator after a replaceMesh()


Im using bge2.67 on windows.
I’m stuck since 3 days with a problem to animate an action in very specific circumstances (in other cases it’s ok) :

. I got an action actuator in property mode with a shape action in it.
. works as it should in the game
. then I replace the mesh by another one. it has the same shapekey names defined than the 1st one
. and this works sometimes : the shape action is applied on the new mesh.

but most of the time the animation is not rendered. if I switch back to the 1st mesh, it’s also erratic. sometimes it’s ok, most of the time it’s not…

aim would be to be able to load a new rigged cloth mesh on an avatar from an external blend (OK),
and be able to tweak the new cloth shape at will thanks to shapekeys. (KO)

I isolated the case from this huge code I have and used a lot of different techniques : pure bricks, several actions, priorities/layers, several shape names, states, python (Im really ok with the bge api since 2.49b)… also created several steps between replaceMesh and activate(act), tried with ob.playAction() NO WAY to make it stable.

debug tells me the actuator is played, but it’s not rendered. when it is, there’s nothing I can find about some parameters that would be different than in other case.

I guess the implemented method to hook an action to an object is bad. this should be an action data object as in the interface and I suppose in the bpy, rather than a string, no ?

I have ways to turn around it’s ok, using armatures. but I would really like use shapes in some circumstances. this would be a nice recipe for our games.

any ideas ? any recipes ?
thanks a LOT !