strange black loop

Hi guys!

I modelled a character and a hand in two different files, then copied hand to character file and connected them. I tried doing it different ways (bridge edge loops, merging vertecies, just filling space between loops by additional polygons) but each time I got this black I-dont-know-what. As you can see on the attached pics - changing material does nothing, and this black is visible on render.

Few days ago I did it the same way with another character (modelled hands in another file, then copied and connected), but it went ok and there wasnt anything like this. I guess version of Blender was the same then.

blender 2.66.1
win 7

tried to google it but found nothing

Any suggestions on what it is and what Im doing wrong?

You have inconsistant face normals.
Select all vertices and W / remove doubles
Select all vertices and Ctrl+N to recalculate normals

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tried to google it but found nothing
This is probably the number 1 most common support question. A simple google search for Blender Black Line gives the solution on the first link

thanks for the answer!

well i just didnt think about simple “black line”, I didnt know how to describe it so goggled smth like “blender connecting edges black loop”, so obviously search results werent quite what I wanted =)

sorry for trying to create thread in the wrong forum and sending it twice - didnt catch notification about pre-moderation

Inconsistent normals really is the #1 modelling-related support question. I’ve seen it at least 4 times here.