Strange .blend :D

Spiral oddness from a few simple rules / logic

press P

Hold space :smiley:


BlendArt.blend (496 KB)

That is pretty cool.

Spawning clusters of brussel sprout-shaped spheres!

Here is another :smiley:

Real time terrain deform


RealTimeDeform.blend (578 KB)

What were you thinking about when you made the RealTimeDeform.blend?

How to make a real time deformed world,

I always wanted to do a avatar the last air bender, RTS, or RPG


You know of any game that uses that has a video on youtube of that?I am trying to get what you are saying.

This is 6 armatures bound to 6 Ik targets,

you could make it with more, but you might start to need a “pretty” surface and a “physics update” surface, to keep FPS from dropping during the update,

the more complex a mesh, the longer update physics takes,

I wish there was a way to have a multithreaded module tear @ something like this ???