Strange Blender Crash

I have run into a strange problem with Blender. If I open Blender and get to the default scene and then click on the view port, Blender closes. I have opened a few random scenes that I have on my computer and get the same results. Is some corruption in my system or is this a bug in Blender? I noticed it in 2.75 and 2.75a and even in the nightly builds done after that. I am running Ubuntu Studio, the latest Long Term Support version.

Have you deleted your prefs? Remove your userpref.blend and startup.blend files in your settings folder (not sure where these are located in Ubuntu, but you should be able to find this info online). You may also want to remove the “scripts” folder as well, as some of these might be causing the trouble. Keep in mind that you don’t have to delete these, just move them somewhere else. Make sure you do it while Blender is not running. Then reboot and see if things are fixed. If they are, redo your settings manually, introduce extra addons one at a time, etc, and each time verify that this isn’t re-creating the crash.

Thanks for your reply. I couldn’t find the files you mentioned but I discovered that the crash no longer happens when I start Blender with the shell script file.