Strange bug in 2.5: "lazy" keys and clicks?

I can post this in bugtracker, but first I want to tell about it… because it is very strange.

In short: you can’t press the keyboard or mouse buttons fast in Blender 2.5.
For example:
-select 2 vertices
-press alt+m to merge
-and after this fast click (for press menu option in merge menu) nothing happens

In 2.49 this works perfect. And of course other programs. So my machine is OK.

This is very big error for me, it is unable to work fast and countinous.

AT first I couldn’t reproduce, but it does seem that if you’re still holding “alt m” when you do the lmb click in the popup menu then it does nothing…

I naturally seem to be releasing the keys before the click even when going fast so couldn’t reproduce at first.
I just checked and It is different to 2.49 where you don’t have to release the keys to choose from the menu.

Works flawlessly for me :S

I fear no need to post this in bugtracker…

Maybe it depends on the OS ? Same here as Michael, i couldn’t reproduce it at first, and even afterwards ! In fact, i can still click while holding alt-m, and it works fine… (Win 7 64)

I hope…

Could it be a memory issue? As you make more dense geometry maybe the UI slows?

I have posted this in the bugtracker, but they closed it… :frowning:

At my new jobplace, this is a bug on ALL computer (laptops)…

I remember I had a similar issue a long time ago where I couldn’t open any menus if that “removed x vertices” message was displayed, but it’s been fixed for quite awhile. I can’t duplicate it on Arch Linux with Blender 2.62 at least.

You run into this issue in the text editor pretty regularly. To reproduce, try this: open a text file in the text editor and try to quickly go down one line and to the right one character using the arrow keys (Down arrow, Right arrow). When you do this, you’ll note that you can reliably get down one line, but it’s tough to move the cursor to the right unless you wait a beat between key presses.

I’ve seen similar issues too. abc123, do you have a link to the bug report? I’d like to see why it was closed.

We need more features.

(Oh come on, you know you were tempted to do it as well)

Yes, we need the basic computer features from 30 years ago… :stuck_out_tongue:

So you filed a bug report. That very same day Brecht read it, made comments on it and (most importantly) asked you for feedback to help him recreate the problem. There was no answer from you for two weeks so he had no choice but to close the ticket.

Looks like you dropped the ball Endi. Unless Brecht was supposed to read your mind…

sorry, I am a working man, not a student with many time…

Sorry, but I don’t buy that. During that time period you posted quite a few times on BlenderArtists, so you definitely had the time. Had you checked back into the ticket that you made then this issue might have been fixed by now, instead it caused Brecht to spend unproductive time trying to figure out what you meant. And then you later posted that you “have posted this in the bugtracker, but they closed it…” when you should have known very well that the reason was because you dropped the ball.

this bug is stronger than before!
I fear, this is the future of Blender :frowning:

I can’t reproduce any of the issues reported in this thread, r52649 on Ubuntu 10.10. I could be wrong but from past experience it sounds like an OS issue, maybe involving graphics. Has endi reproduced the problem on other computers than laptops at work?

on EVERY computer (2-3 laptops, 4-5 pcs) this bug is on

and: ALL other programs works OK of course…