Strange camera shake during the game

for the twice i’m having this problem and i don’t understand how to solve it,
the POV camera is parented to an empty parented to a bone of the player head, during this animation the player bone to move the full body is copying the location and rotation of a bone of the husky in his mouth,
as you can see if i start the animation in editing everything works fine, but during the game the share is impressively annoying. i even tried to run the game with animation setting at 10 instead of 30 but the problem persists!!!
LINK of the video:

Could someone help me solving this issue please? :frowning:

that’s lot of parents and copies. I had encounter the same problem : not sure, but it seem that the armature is updated at frame +1 and the camera view makes little shakes when the bone rotates too fast.

solution : use the camera actuator or - if you use somewhere an always sensor on pulse mode - just use the lerp python function to make the camera softly copy the worldOrientation of an Empty parented to your armature

what/how is that lerp python function script you mentioned?
also, the pov camera is not targetting an objective, it’s not needed because is static

i taken a look at the camera actuator but it doesn’t looks like what i need, the camera have to be stable not moving

if there are too many parents and copy why blender doesn’t slow down to have time to do all at the best instead of animate in this way!?

it’s not a matter of CPU capacity, it’s just a matter of how things works in Blender :
" Do this at frame t, then do that at frame t+1 , then if … " This said, i dont know exactely how BGE deals with the parenting updates … i just noticed the same annoying image shaking when parenting camera to empties parented on bones.

it moves if the targets moves

so what did u say in ur first post ? Dah, i refuse to understand.

i mean static because has only to be parent of that bone, with the camera actuator the camera keep swinging evrytime the location of the target changes, tried parenting the camera directly to the bone but nothing,

can’t even understand if the problem is also in blender 0.3alpha because when i want to swich to the pov camera blender crashes!!

moved the player animation to the frame x+1 but still persist

?? When i write “t+1” , it means that each frame t , something will be planned at frame t+1 . It means : the next frame. Moving the animation 1 frame forward will change absolutely nothing. I would have said : “skip the first frame” if i meant what you did.

in a same sentance, you write that the camera has to be the parent of a bone, then you say you tried the opposite : parenting the camera to the bone. Instead of writing an another sentance, between two " , " you write something obvious about the camera actuator : it follows the target . So make the camera actuator target a static empty .

It’s very hard to understand what you are saying. Try to structure your mind and be more precise in your words.

I will try to help by downloading the file.

sorry for my english, it’s not my mother tongue,

i know what i want and it’s this:
plater armature has a bone in the middle of eyes and an empty is parented at that bone -> the first person camera is parented to the empty (i said that i tried parenting the camera directly to the bone only to see if something had changed reducing one relation) this camera has no mouse view or something that can make it dynamic or move it by it-self -> the player armature has a global bone and in this specific action this bone copys the location and rotation of a bone inside the mouth of the giant.
better than so i don’t know how to write it

i noticed another thing, doing tentatives, i added the camera solver constraint to the bone constraint for the global bone of the player and in this way it bad animate or with delay the animation, so can let we understand something more!?
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To summerize : you want a camera to move like in a fps but you would like to see someone getting eaten :slight_smile:

if you parent your camera to any bone (even via an empty) and the camera shakes, it means your bone is shaking. I guess you want the camera to follow the movement of the head of the player … but it will shake too much as a head - in world coordinates - shakes a lot while walking. (Your think the head doesnt shakes lot, because you compare it localy/relatively with the rest of of the body. )

Solution for no shake : parent the empty to the Armature directly (so go object mode) , bring the empty in front of the face, but away enough so the nose doesnt go into the camera from behind

Solution for less shake: parent the empty to the Pelvis bone or a lower Spine bone, so the camera will move a bit when walking

ive tried this before, and indeed, when a camera is parented to a bone (via an empty) the bone constraint seem to be updated 1 frame later each time so it shakes when doing performing fast moves.

solution : add another camera in the mouth of the giant and switch to it when you want in the game. Or, with python, make the empty go somewhere in the mouth of the giant

global solution : use the camera actuator and make it look at the empty you parent on an extra bone (parented to pelvis bone) . Then you will just need to animate the extra bone (or bone constraint) . The Camera is free from any parent and will not shake

i think this could be the way tecnicaly easier but will take more time to animate again the action for the new camera, i prefer this because i want a first person of quality so the camera moves like our eyes for every small movement of my body i’m ok with it,

thanks for your help, if you will find in future the fast solution in some setting instead of what you mentioned please remember to tell me :wink:

p.s. (just an experience i want to share) in my games i swich from more points of view so i use to put the camera inside the head otherwise near object will be cut, end i make invisible the head when in 1*p