Strange colored specks appearing in brighter areas


In this image, you can see those multi-colored specks in the glowy areas. I’m not sure what they are, or where they come from. The emission strength is controlled by a noise texture plugged into a multiply node set to 25. Checking the ‘clamp’ option seems to remove the specks, but of course that drastically dims the glow. Anybody have any experience with this issue? Thanks!

Any takers? Nobody else has ever had this experience?

People have had that, but there are multiple causes to it and an image alone is not enough to troubleshoot and know which one causes it, or if it’s a new issue. Prepare and upload an example .blend, which is recommended every time you need answers to a problem that involves a .blend.

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Ok, here’s a link to an example file. The link will expire in 7 days.

.blend file

I solved the problem on my own. It seems that somehow my bump map got set too high, which apparently caused that effect. Once I set it to a reasonable level, the artifacts disappeared.