Strange dark Faces

I am new to Blender, imported a obj. file that came with several sets or groups of faces with different materials assigned to them. I assigned a new material to all face groups but 3 groups of faces remain dark .( Al

so in Cycles rendering ) What other than a material problem could cause this ?

Could you share the blend file?

Have you tried recalculating your normals? (doesn’t look like normals, but never know)

Also, in the materials settings, under viewport color, is that particular material set to a darker color?

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The has assigned the same material to all objects.

I was thinking it could be something related to vertex painting, which is an issue connected to the mesh and not to the material.

I did flip the normals of the dark faces which were in deed flipped to the wrong direction. However, it did not fix the problem . Thanks for the tip though !

That might be the cause, Thanks so much for that hint. Because I was in a hurry I worked around the problem by just duplicating the opposite parts of the tracks which were not black. If I encounter this again I’ll check the vertice paint.

as Magnavis mentioned, I would go and check the viewport colour of the materials and see whether they all match up

You nailed it Magnavis, I did flip the normals but din’t know about the recalculating. Problem solved, Thanks so much everybody. Great community , glad to be here.

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