strange difference

Hey all,

This is what I’m doing now:

I’ve got a problem with the two rubber elements that hold the frames. The second is rendered very well, the first one is showing strange lightfall.

there are two lamps, raytracing shadows, and the rubber elements are identical duplications. The only difference is the hight of the lamp. Using subsurface on the objects results in something different. it is shown in the third image.

How can I solve this? Could it be because of the planes that emit their texture, at the bottom?

On the last image you can see another problem. The texture, also a drawing, disappears. When rendering the animation, the textures randomly seem to disappear, giving a flickering effect. One frame it’s there, the other it isn’t. In stead of the image, you then see gray, or like on this image, a black surface. I did not, in any way animate the texture, it’s an image, jpg, not a videoclip.

Any tips?


ooo i like this, ide say work on the lighting a bit, but thts a really cool idea. lookin forward to more.

Thanks Pork,

I’ve found the solution the rubber parts, there appeared to be a problem with the radiosity. I disabled radiosity rendering in the material.

but I still don’t know about how to fix the texture problem.

How is the texture attached to your image? Is it UV? Orco? Object?

Did you try this:
Enter to edit mode [tab], then select all [A] and recalculate normals outside [Ctrl+N] ?
It usually helps in my cases :wink:

The image is attached in UV, and I did try recalculating normals, yes.
I think it has somethng to do with radiosity, and raytracing shadows. The planes on the bottom have a movie as texture, and it’s emitting, perhaps that’s what it’s reacting on, and gives the ‘flickering’ effect. Switching off radiosity in the material in which I use the texture of the drawing, resulted in a change. Instead of a a drakened area, I now get a white area.