Strange display

Today I, at last, managed to compile the SVN trunk, with Python 3.1.1. But when I start Blender I obtain “glitches” What’s the problem ?
(my computer: Ubuntu 9.04, 1.7 GHz, 1Gb Ram, Intel GMA 900)

Edit: displaying problem, also with downloaded 2.49b

What’s the problem ?
Most probably

Intel GMA 900

Perhaps installing different/newer drivers would help.

ouch, just ouch, I feel your pain, have a laptop with 945 that works, but isn’t exactly fast,
but 900 definitely sounds old enough to be problematic.

There is a well-known bug with Intel graphics driver in ubuntu 9.04. The easiest and safest solution is to wait for ubuntu 9.10 which will be released in 29 October.

you need a stronger computer, plus is that 2.5? if so its a beta! its not finished. dont spoil it.