Strange distortion...

I get this strange distortion from time to time as shown in this picture. It moves to some degree depending on the angle I’m looking from, and obviously this can be more than a little distracting. Am I doing something wrong? In this example, this is a very early stage of a landscape, all I have done is lay a plane, subdivide it, and set the fractal to .7. I don’t feel that I have done anything unusual, though I’m very new to blender so I might be missing something.

Any help will be appreciated as I get this from time to time.


No .blend file supplied with your post ! Why not ?

Are there any modifiers
Have you changed the viewport clip distances
What else have you changed

DesertLandscape.blend (465 KB)

Just a subdivision modifier. And I’m not sure what a “viewport clip distance” is.

It looks an awful lot like you’ve got a second plane in there. If it’s shifting based on the viewing angle, maybe that’s Z fighting.

It looks like a subsurf modifier, set to display in edit mode and not adjust the edit cage. (That’s the default)