Strange dotted line and buttons

I don’t know what that is, but it could be the source of some of my problems.

The ‘buttons’ are the Object Centers, one for the Mesh (the pink one) and one for the Armature? Do you have an armature? The dotted line shows there is a Child/Parent relationship, either thru Ctrl-P, a Modifier or a Constraint.


Yeah, thats it! I am trying to move that center marker to the center of the ‘drawing board’ together with the mesh, and with the armature. But the problem is the center does not move and is stuck right where it is, and thus draws a dotted line whenever I move the mesh.

thanks for your help

Use Shft-S to snap the 3D Cursor to the Armature then snap the Mesh to the Cursor.


nvm. I found out how to fix it :smiley: