Strange double sided faces problem.. Please help.

Hi guys, Recently I’ve been studying some of the models from some older square enix games and I’ve come across something I find strange…

For example the hair is made of double sided planes at the ends (various clothing is made the same way) yet if you delete one face on one side, the other is still there. However there aren’t actually 2 faces there, they’re only made up of 3-4 verts, no vert doubles in the same area or anything. How is this possible?

I thought that they might have another face there with reversed normals but if you move one vert, the whole things moves. How did they do this? I tried to recreate the effect by turning off backfacing in the materials section and cutting up a plane but when you delete one side, the other dissapears as well, this didn’t happen in the square models. This would be really helpful to know when creating clothes and things like that.

I’m using the latest version of blender. Thanks in advance.

You can see the model for yourself here:

I don’t understand the interest of creating such a double facing face… Maybe it was a good way to use a solidify modifier for cloth but it’s just a though because i’m not sure really understand your problem. if i’m wrong, try to explain it in one sentence.

I’ve always duplicated the faces and flipped the normals to get the effect like you tried. I’ve never been able to figure out how to keep it physically attached though. If anyone knows how to do it with Blender I’d like to know too.