strange effect on terrain

Hi there,
I’ve made a simple Blender project and after looking at the finished animation, I can see this strange (and horrible looking) effect on the terrain, which looks like it’s rotating.
I’m attaching the Blender project, affected sequence starts from frame 90, after the space ship stars spinning.
If someone would be so nice to take a look at the file, try to render the animation from frame 90 towards the end, and give me some input, this would be highly appreciated.



forum.blend (217 KB)

The moving ground effect happens by using the noise texture, which is not a static one.
It recreates noise frame by frame.
The solution would be, either baking an Imagetexture out of the noise texture and using this , or using the fixnoiseplugin available at the pluginrepository as package for each platform.


Thanks for the suggestion. I tried the fixed noise plugin, but I can’t say I really like it. The texture doesn’t look like sand anymore (not that it was really impressive before). Basically I just want it to resemble slightly sand.
I don’t know how to try the other suggestion you pointed out. In the past I tried with some texture pattern I found on the net, but it looked very tiled.


Ok, seems I can fix the problem and still obtain decent results, by simply using a wood texture.


If you still prefer the noise texture, baking it is quite easy.
Setup an UV/ImageEditor Window side by side with your 3DView.
In the UV Editor choose Image-new and take the default black image in a square resolution you want (2048x2048 for example).
In the 3Dview go in Top View (7) select your terrain and select all faces in EditMode.
Then press “u” for Unwrap and choose “Project from View(bounds)” from the popup.
Now create a material for the terrain with the noise texture mapped to col.
The last step is to go to the renderbuttons bakepanel, selecting texture there and press bake.
The Image in the UVEditorWindow now shows your texture and you can save it from there.

I hope I didn’t forget something.

GL, Pat