Strange effect with mirror

Please help.

I have a strange effect with mirroring using Yafray. In the image below, the latch of the door is ok, the reflection is good, if you look at the latch in the mirror, it is dark !! I have pushed the raydepth to 16 but it changes nothing. This is very strange since the other objects using the same material (tap, roller holder, …) are ok in the mirror (you may not see them on this image, but believe me).

Please I need some advises …

You should post a blend file, then people can look at your settings and see what’s happenin’.

looks to me like the depth on the raymir settings on the handle isn’t high enough. Try ten, see if that helps…

Good Luck,
StrikerMuncher (the great)

Three possible reasons that I know of.

  1. Nothing to reflect. Is the “behind the scenes” all black?

  2. The Depth is not high enough. Use a depth of 2 or more.

  3. :o

After several attempts using all the possibilities I imagined, I finally dicided to recreate the objects that caused the problem. I will never know what was the origine of this really strange problem.

Any way thanks to all.