Strange effects of materials

Hi, all!

They can be seen in the attached .blend.

1 - The background of the panel up front with the skull and crossbones decal is quite visibly clearer than in the other panels, and I can’t figure out why.

2 - In the rear-view mirrors the face with the “Silver” (actually light blue) material becomes transparent when it is exported to FBX. I don’t see why either.

Can you help? Thanks in advance.

P.S : I’m using the 2.79.

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May I have an answer, please?

Really, Something escapes me. For instance, the front panel uses the same material as others, yet its appearance is much different…

The background of the “Detail” texture (TexDetails.png / left) is not the same shade of green as the texture for the other parts (TexKhaki.jpg / right):

Also: The “Details” material has a different specular color than the material “Khaki”.

Not sure about the mirror material issue…
Does the face really become invisible or does it vanish completely on export? It’s an ngon, so maybe it does ot get exported at all?

Many thanks, Ikari. I had at last just found the background issue, but the specular color problem would have escaped me. What do you want? I’m a modeller, not an artist…
And for the rear-view Mirror, I think you’re right: I’ll triangulate the faces.