strange error

I just wanted to let someone know, when I went to the last page of the tree gen post, a password dialog box popped up with an expletive, It would be my guess that someone is hacking the site, but I dont know for sure, here is a screen capture of what I saw:
Dont hold me responsible for what it says on it im just reporting it to the powers that be.
here is what I saw pop up :
I have altered the image to block out the F*** word and s*** word.

here is the link to the page it popped up on Gen3 - Tree generator script for Blender - Page 7 - Blender Artists Forums

Polorix was hacked, that’s why you get the box.

It’s fixed for that page now, but will still unfortunately happen on other pages with polorix links.


It’s all fine, i actually wrote then when i password protected the directory, i was not hacked, just certain people unaffiliated with the blender scene were abusing my service and were costing me money. That was just my frustrated comment =P Everything is spick and span as of today! So, hopefully everything goes back to normal!

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