Strange Extrude Problem. Haaalp! D:

Hey there.

Although I have some experience with other 3D Modeling/Animation programs I am relatively new to Blender.
Until recently everything was fine and I had no big problems besides getting used to the UI. :wink:
But now I have quite a strange problem with the extrude function of Blender.
Previously it worked perfectly fine and how I knew it from other programs but now it has become quite freaky and strange.

If I extrude only 1 face everything works as usual, but when I try to extrude a region, especially around corners it gets all messy and strange… And this happens to every object in the scene, even new cubes like the one below.

I have no idea what I did wrong… (Probably pressed a key I shouldn’t have :smiley: ). The last time this happened to me I found no other solution than to import my model into a new file, as the problem seems to be file based.

I am using Blender 2.68a on Windows 7 64Bit Laptop

Please Help D:

From the documentation:

Grab mode is automatically started when the extrude algorithm terminates, so newly created faces, edges, and vertices can be moved around with the mouse. You can lock the extrusion along any global or local axis, as with a standard transform operation – when extruding faces, the movement is by default locked along the average normal of all extruded faces.

So if you have a selection that goes around a corner, or several corners in the case of the cube, the grab direction will be quite strange as it is an average of all the selected faces’ normals. The behavior you most likely want when extruding a selection like that is scaling, rather than grabbing. After the extrude action, hit S to scale the extruded selection. You can lock to a single axis by hitting that axis’s letter (x, y, or z) or you can exclude a single axis by pressing Shift-axis (Shift-X will scale on only Y an Z, for instance).

You just need to drop in some loopcuts to see how extrude works. It is not so obvious on default 6 faces…