Strange Face Artifacts

I’m encountering some weird artifacts in viewport when “in Front” option is checked and Faces is selected in Mesh Edit Mode. Please have a look here.

It happens also in solid display mode (without transparency).

Is it a bug or a normal behavior?


It’s called Z-fighting. You have overlapping polygons in this area.


No i don’t. Because this happens on all the mesh while rotating it into the viewport. Disabling the Mesh Edit Mode “Faces” it desappears but faces are no more shaded (orange by default) when selected but just highlighted on the borders.

Did you happen to try to select all and merge by distance just to see? Without the mesh or at least a part of it with the problem, I can’t help much, but it still looks like duplicated geometry. If not, possibly a driver error. Does this happen on other meshes? If not it is unique to this mesh and not a driver issue.

It’s the reference picture that’s intersecting with the mesh, try moving it away from your mesh, or using another Depth method.

Hi. It happens also with the startup scene with the cube and no reference images. I was thinking at a gpu error. My card is an Nvidia P4000.

That’s strange, have you tried updating or downgrading your drivers? On the Nvidia website there’s also the New Feature Driver (QNF), with more recent bug fixes than the standard ODE drivers.

Hi. No i didn’t yet but i tried on another pc also (a laptop) and the behavior is the same.
Look at here

Zooming into viewport makes those “jagged” faces disappear.
Unselecting “in Front” makes it disappear all the way.

It happens only in Edit Mode.

Another tip that i didn’t mentioned before: i can see those faces only in perspective view. Othogonal views don’t have that problem.