Strange Font Issue? Loading TTF into linux blender?

Ok, I’m sure there’s a simple explanation for this, however it’s driving me crazy.

I open up either blender or tuhopuu under linux and add some text.

Everything looks good, but hey I’ve got some slick TTFs I’d like to get working, so I go to the edit menu and select Load Fonts.

I navigate to my font folder and select the appropriate TTF. It thinks for a second, then I am returned to the grid window. Nothing changes, plus I can’t select this newly loaded font from the FONTS pull down menu. All that’s there is <builtin>, what’s worse, all the text I’ve added is still in the blender font.

Any ideas?


[[email protected] blender-2.28]$ ./blender
guessing ‘./blender’ == ‘/home/hazmat/blender-2.28/./blender’
fromtype1: no FontMatrix found
fromtype1: no FontMatrix found

Hmm, more possible information, seems I need a FontMatrix…


Either that or it can’t build the frontmatrix from your TTF. Did you try loading a different one to check if it was localized to this file or not?


Did you compile Blender yourself with auto*?

The auto* build system doesn’t build the international & freetype code necessary for TTF fonts.

Yeah… hmm, perhaps I need to use a new rebuild flag…

Matches with my other poll tonight.

I’ll go check the devel lists, but if you know the configure flag off the top of your head I’d love to hear it.