Strange font on WinXP

Does anybody know why I am getting this font in almost every dialog on winxp. It used to be small and nice. Now it’s big, bold and with no antialias…
By m_srdjan at 2007-11-28


you might not want to post pictures of burning pirate ISO’s :slight_smile:

look in the display property’s to change the system fonts.

Unfortunately it is not there. All fonts are ok…

Try Ctrl-Mousewheel scroll to get it smaller.


Your title bar is non-standard, I don’t know if that’s an installed hack or what, but that might have messed up your fonts?

Yes, sometimes custom themes override fonts and colors, even if you change them. That’s why I like Linux better.

Check Control Panel > Display > Appearance > Effects > Fonts Smoothing (mine is set to cleartype, and its fine). You can also change the fonts in the font dropdown in Appearance, or in the Advanced dialog.