Strange glossy shader i made, explain it to me

So i cut the pointiness by a half, inverted it and connected it as glossy roughness. Result is… diffuse shader??? I need explaination.

Oh, there was a mistake in a shader. What I’m really wanted is:

It is for new skin shader.

So, what’s happening here is that your math nodes are probably leaving black and grey to use as the roughness of your glossy shader. To better see what’s going on, use the node wrangler addon, and Ctrl+shift+left click your nodes to see see their effect on the shader. When you plug something into the roughness of the gloss, it uses darker values to increase the roughness, and lighter values to decrease it. So if you raise the roughness on a glossy shader to something like 4 or 5, it’ll look like a diffuse shader. So, try to adjust your math nodes to make it darker where you want less gloss, and lighter where you want more gloss.