strange grid

where from this grid comes from? i have two objects with applied array modifier and source objects after render marked with this grid, why thats happens and how to disable this grid?

It very much looks like its is the uv-checkerboard testtexture -> check texture settings.

If you could supply your file on blendswap or somewhere, we could take a look instead of blind guessing - as it could have quite different reasons as well.

Ive never seen anything quite like it, but maybe it’s related to doubles ( z-fighting )

Agreed with Modron, there is a very easy way to repeat it also. Just take your default cube and copy it without moving it. Then render and you will get the same issue.

Atleast, thats what it LOOKS like, there could be something else, but Thats what I think is happening there.

sorry, here is blend file lamp.blend (595 KB)
cant find any doubled vertexes in the model

ah, its realy is overlapping issue, decreased count for array modifier and now it renders correctly, the last and first objects added by array modifier was in the same position


yep, ‘z-fighting’ that’s called.