Strange head deform


I’ve made a character and rigged it, weight painted so all those limbs are moving correctly, but I have an odd problem with head. If I rotate it, I can see that it’s a little bit deformed, also if I tilt it backwards you can see teeth stick out of throat (yuck). I tried to paint whole head red and many other options too, but none of them solved my problem. I don’t have any more ideas. Thanks in advance for any tip.

better to post also the .blend file, can upload to

This can happen if the weights are not correct, or, if the armature and mesh do not have same scale - ie one or other has been scaled in object mode and the scale then not applied with ctrl + A -> apply scale.

This, however looks more like some weight is being applied from other bones, so, select all vertices in the head / teeth area and start clicking “remove” on the vertex groups in the vertex group panel for the vertex groups that are not the head bone.

Here you go:

Yes, so the the body mesh scaling is not set to 1,1,1 however the main problem is that the weights are not correct. Easiest way is to assign the weights directly rather than use the weight paint tool. Put armature in pose mode, then ctrl + tab to weight paint mode on the mesh. Select the bone you wish to edit the weights for, select in wireframe mode all the vertices of the head and hit “assign” in the vertex groups panel.

Selecting the correct bone in weight paint mode makes sure the correct vertex group is pre-selected in the vertex groups panel before going to edit mode.

here is video of such things… I explain weight painting and stuff at about 8 mins in.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: Also to not make new thread, is there any way to move entire body while leaving feet in position, just like I wanted to do a squat animation.

I did what you said and the whole head is red. It didn’t help at all :frowning: Also, is there any way to make character squat, move entire body leaving feet in position?


omg double post, I though that something went wrong because the first one didn’t come up in first 10 minutes -.-

Using IK on the feet you would be able to do that. Suggest which is the whole Humane Rigging DVD from blender foundation.

So far as the weight painting goes, you clearly have not done it correctly, I can’t help further with that, just I think you need understand more about how it works.

Using the exact method I describe in the video linked and above that is the result, which could be cleaned up a bit but as you see it works fine.

Perhaps you did not be in wireframe mode to select all the vertices of the head, before assigning to the head bone vertex group