Strange installation problem

I have a brand new computer running windows 10 and have installed the brand new Blender 2.79. When I open Blender, it says there is no disk in drive E. If I hit cancel a couple of times, Blender opens.

Drive E is a card reader, so I put a card in it and Blender opens fine. If I take the card out, Blender says there is no disk in drive E.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Blender, rebooted the computer, turned around in my chair a few times and attempted both prayer and meditation, but nothing fixes the problem.

Thanks for any clues.

Screenshot of the error window could help.

OK, here’s a screen shot. Strangely, when I see this error, it is not semi transparent with the Blender window in the background, but that’s how the screen shot program sees it. High strangeness, as they say.


Here are some links I found which might help:
Disable the card reader:
Seems like it was patched before, maybe it’s the same kind of bug as this, so consider submitting a bug report:

dudecon, thanks very much for finding that info. I will submit a patch report as you suggest. Meanwhile, a blank card in the reader is a work around, so I can forge ahead. Thanks again.