strange keyframe behavious with two objects

I created an object (object1) and duplicated it with SHIFT-D => object2.

Now when I insert a keyframe for object1 and go to a different point in the timeline, object2 copies the keyframe of object1 and therefore snaps to the same place as object1.
It is the same when I insert a keyframe for object2, then object1 copies the keyframe.

Why is this happening and what can I do to keep it from happening?

I am relativly new to blender, so please don’t kill me for asking stupid questions :wink:
Thanks in advance.

two objects can share the same IPO curve. To remove that, select the object you dont want moving, go to the frame where it is where you want it to be. Then in the IPO window, delete the Link (X on the Header) to the IPO curve. Don’t delete the curve, but the link using the X next to the name of the IPO curve.

Thanks a lot, it worked!