Strange laptop bug


Ife been working with blender on a laptop for a long time now.
A while a go is got a new hard drive in my laptop.
All went fine and i reinstalled blender.
Now for the Problem: Blender works totaly fine but if i select a few fertices i get a strange window bug (see screen)

I didnt have this problem before but i have seen it more often on laptops.
Does anyone know wat it is and how i can get it to stop?

my guess is it’s probably some missing software drivers. that’s the only logical conclusion since you had to reinstall the OS with the new hard drive. maybe the openGL driver…? what’s the video card…? if you agree with me you can look at for some newer drivers. my tablet video driver is flaky too

Thankyou grimly.

I wil look at it and hope it wil work.
I have a ati radon 600x mobility card in my laptop.
Ill try to get new drivers and stuff.