Strange life, Full of Hidden Danger


An artist going by the name 100Drips recently posted a cool technique for getting a sort of retro airbrushing style in Blender (here). When I first started working in Blender I wanted to get a sort of 70’s Sci-fi look so this seemed an obvious technique to try out. It’s quite a simple set up, although it takes a bit of faffing around to figure out shadows and such.

I decided to remake my first blender scene updated with a new composition. I also decided the creature needed a name - Xenovita insidiosa, or roughly, “Strange (mode of) life, full of hidden danger”. I like the idea that these eggs hatch into these weird stationary plant-spiders that attract creatures to them with the “head stalk”, and that give anything that gets close a good stab before eating their corpse with the roots.

This was a fun project, especially as I only had just over a single day to produce this before heading away for the weekend and then coming back to a lot of work next week.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Cool, thanks very much!

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