Strange light from glass

I’m doing a scene with a room with a table. On the table I have some wine glasses, but I get this strange light from some of them. The glass to the left looks OK, but the other are not OK. It seems like they are affected by the floor texture!? Or what could be wrong?

I’m almost certain I didn’t have this problem when I made the first test render. Then I just tested to see how the wine glasses was effected when I activated the Reflective Caustics and Refractive Caustics, then they got this strange light, but despite that I have unchecked the both Caustics options in the render tab, I still have this light and I don’t know how to get rid of it? Any ideas someone?

The wine glasses har not solid. I have used a solidify modifier for the upper part of the glass, while the lower part is more solid. I’m only using the Glass BSDF node.

Just in case you’re wondering why you don’t get any answers:
That’s because you hardly give us anyting to work with. There are so many factors at play here - render settings, node setups for the materials, post production settings (Denoiser?) and so on and so forth. And all we got is a tiny, cropped screenshot…

Make a copy of the scene, delete everything from it that is of no importance to the issue, pack the textures into the file, make sure it is compressed and upload it somewhere for us to have a look. That’s more or less mandatory for any support question.

I have solved the problem. The scene has two rooms and each room has a floor object. When I was searching for problem, I didn’t thought about this and just clicked on the floor near the camera and looked for any errors in the settings. The problem is about the floor behind the chairs in the other room and when I clicked on that floor object, I discovered that the Transmission option in the Cycles settings was unchecked. The strange light is now gone.