Strange lighting issue

I’m modding for a game called Oblivion, that means a few things may be different than your use to, but basically I have to export into a NetImmerse/Gamebryio format (.nif). Very strange creature, that one. Anywho, the problem at hand… I have my body generally where I like it at this point, I still need to do a little work like modeling an anus and changing the UV to better reflect that change – done that before, no biggie. But I’m at a point now where I have a very strange lighting problem. Here’s a shot of what’s going on: As you can see, very strange lighting on the clavicle (not too bad), and around the nipples (pretty pronounce, and yeah… bad.). Not sure what the rules are as per nudity on the forum goes, so the image being censored should be fine I suppose. If you know anything about the Nif format, here’s a shot from Nifskope, so you can see the hierarchy: And the actual nif if that helps: Basically, I’ve found that the problem is with the NiTriShapeData for the Foot:Body. I’m not sure what that means or how to fix it, but removing that in Nifskope (somewhat) fixes it in Nifskope, it just makes the skin the wrong color - way too bright I think is a good explanation for it. I’m not sure what that is, but I’m unable to paste from a functioning nif it seems, it won’t go to the proper place when pasted, it just goes under root rather than the NiTriShape. Any suggestions, does that help at all with figuring out what the deal is? By the way, if you want to examine the nif yourself and don’t have the plugin, you can get it here: You’ll need PyFFI if you don’t have that as well: But, I’m new at all this stuff and not that great just yet. :stuck_out_tongue: Some of you may be able to tell me what the deal is without even looking at the file itself. :wink: