Strange lighting on alpha texture

I tried to make smoke for my simulation.
I made an animated empty and gave it a script so it would add a plane with a smoke texture.
The setting of the plane: Tex, Halo and Alpha buttons are turned on.
When I tried it, I got this:

The lighting on the planes is turned around: Where it supposed to be dark, it’s lighten, and where it should be bright, it’s dark.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

use not shaded option in materials

But I want them to react to a lightsource. That’s why I added them with a script. So the smoke object can be on the same layer as the lightsource.

your smoke is just sprites, right? they are planes, of course they would react on the light the way they do. If you want to simalte change in color, make an animated texture, depicting different stages of the smoke development: from dark to vanishing white. And play the anumation

Watch here how I did explosions

Hope it helps

What I want is to create smoke, as if from a smokemachine on a fairground ride, that reacts to the “sun” light ('cause it has a daytime/nightime mode) and to the coloured lights.
Like on this vid: 0:25

The smoke in your video is smoke from an explosion, that’s a different kind of smoke
Thanks anyway :slight_smile: