Strange Lighting Problem When Rendering

Greetings I’m new here and have been working with Blender 2.58 recently and noticed a lot of oddities most I can handle but this lighting issue I’m confused about.

I’m currently working on a milestone project to use what I’ve learned. I used the default Suzanne Blender Monkey and morphed it to look like a real monkey. The problem is before I morphed it. The monkey and the eyes were renderable. Unfortunately when I started to do the morphing the new monkey is shown as black. I used the world lighting since, for whatever reason, I can’t understand the lamp I’m using will not work.

I have tried:

  • Hiding and unhiding everything
  • Making sure everything is renderable
  • Making sure all layers are selected appropriately to render.
  • Made sure any textures were properly mapped

Other than that I had not changed anything when I started morphing the newest monkey.

MonkeyReally.jpg is the original model with the light working
MonkeyHalf.jpg is the model I morphed that rendered but the light did not work. The only way to see it was to enable the world lighting option.

Any more info needed I’ll provide. Your help on this would be greatly appreciated.

This is the link to my blender file.


In the World settings change the Ambient colour from yellow to black. The yellow as you can see gives a horrible effect. Lamps give much better lighting. You’re not actually rendering your lights as they are on a layer you have set not to use for your render. Select the two layers as indicated in the image.


Thank you for your quick reply I’ll check out your suggestion and see what happens.

Alright opened up Blender and did as you suggested . Unfortunately there is no change. ( in terms of the light not working) Is there anything else possibly going on?


Updated blend file


That’s strange how the eyes aren’t rendering. The above image MonkeyReally.jpg the textured eyes are still or should be on the eyes. I’ll take a look at the file to see what I may have done. Wrong and report anymore oddities.

In the image the eyes are not textured because the textures were not included in the original blend file so they just render as the base material which is grey. To include textures in a blend use the File / External Data / pack into .blend file menu entry

Ok I discovered a work around I “think”. Still not sure what the real problem was but comparing my file next to yours I noticed we both matched in the correct selected options. The work around I created is to have the lamp be physically present on all layers that contained an object. Even though like you suggested. In the render options I had the lamp render on the selected layers. Is this just a plain glitch that I can get a way with this work around or is the hammer still missing the nail?

Thank you for your replies so far.


Also thanks for telling me about packing the textures that is much needed advice for sharing if I need to.