Strange lines on model

Hi (again)

When I am working on a model in shaded view it shows darker shading (see pic) - when I render it this shows as well…what is it and how do I get rid of it?!


Is it just the wire frame view? If so just press z on the keyboard. I am fairly new so if this isnt the problem I probably cant help you.

And what is wrong with the render?

Shows up in shaded mode - but as you can see in the render they show as well - ni faces or vertices etc there…
The light/dark grey in the render matches where those light/dark part are in the model

Try this:

  1. go into edit mode
  2. select all verts
  3. ctrl-n – recalc normals outside


While you do what Greybeard said do W >> Remove Doubles too, it seems those smudged Face-Dots are actually double faces.


Thanks for the replies guys - I have done both suggestions but it still remains…when I render it shows like this…

Looking closely at your original wings can it almost looks like what was the outside of the can at the top becomes the inside of the can at the bottom! Can you post the blend file.


I think too it’s the inside that comes out of the can …
You should perhaps add a loop inside the can to control this !

Guys your right - somehow the internal goes outside then back in - managed to sort it buy selecting a face loop and scaling down slightly - not sure how I managed to do it in the first place !!
Cheers again :slight_smile: