Strange lines on the mesh in shading viewport

Hi Blender Community, I need some help. I can’t find the reason why when I see my textured object I see these strange lines on it. Thanks.
Schermata 2020-07-06 alle 11.08.14

Probably caused by overlapping geometry. See if you have other objects or polygons underneath the top ones.

There are no objects underneath.

Without examining the model it’s hard to tell. Do you have a lot of vertices and/or tris on this model?

I have no triangles in that model, only quads. Anyway, here is the model problem file.blend (731.5 KB)

There were no images packed with the blend. As the error doesn’t show up, I’m guessing it has to do with the bump map and the insane amount of bump used. With effect 1, it means the distance 1 is 1 meter from black to white. Try lowering the distance to something sensible, like 0.001 for 1mm black white difference. Scale was also not applied to the object, although likely not relevant.

Thanks CarlG for the solution. I put a value of 0,1 and I solved the problem.