Strange Lines

I’ve been having an issue with Blender lately, where it shows the axis lines as dotted, rather than solid. This carries over to any models I have as well, I showed the simple starting cube here as an example.

This occurs when I zoom in and out or move the view around using the shift/control keys in combination with the middle mouse button.

I was wondering if this issue was due to a setting I may have inadvertently changed during the past few days, because as I said I’ve never seen this happen before, and I am still using the same version of Blender as usual.

Please just let me know how to get it back to normal, or what the purpose of these strange dotted lines is. Any help would be greatly appreciated :spin:

This problem has cropped up with several users (perhaps searching the forums can give you an answer), and I think it has to do with a graphics card driver update.

Ah, that would explain it, as I did update my drivers. Thanks a lot!