Strange loading problem

Ok this has only just started happening, I’ve not upgraded Blender, still on official 2.71.

When I first installed 2.71 it worked fine, I could load Blender OK, I could double click a .blend file and Blender would open and load the file. Now, if I double click a .blend file Blender opens but then as it’s loading the scene file it crashes. The plot thickens, this only happens with certain files though, some will load, some crash. I haven’t done anything to blender, so could this be something to do with Windows and it’s file associations.

Thanks for any help you can give me.


Create a new blend file and append one object at a time from the problem blend file to see if a particular object is causing a problem. You have to do this yourself since you are the only person who has access to these problem blend files

Thanks for the reply Richard, I tried what you said, no joy though. I thought I had it figured out, I loaded a suspect scene into a different build, saved it, then double clicked it and it loaded without crashing Blender. This was short lived though as it only worked ob certain scenes.

Ah well, I’ll have to just live with loading Blender first then loading my scenes from Blender rather than double clicking the .blend file.
Maybe the new 2.72 will cure this problem.

Thanks anyway though.